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ULM: Ahmed was never a student here

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Jay Warbington, 49, Shooting Victim Jay Warbington, 49, Shooting Victim
Source: Nolan Crane, KNOE 8 News Source: Nolan Crane, KNOE 8 News
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Source: CNN Source: CNN
Source: Facebook.com (Fuaed Ahmed) Source: Facebook.com (Fuaed Ahmed)

UPDATE:  12:27am

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Dr. Wayne Brumfield, Vice President of Student Affairs, at ULM has released a clarifying statement to confirm that Fuaed A. Ahmed was not a student at the university.

He states:

"Internal records from University of Louisiana at Monroe Recruitment and Admissions and the University Registrar, show that Fuaed A. Ahmed was not a student at ULM, and no student by that name has applied to, been accepted by, or attended ULM. We are saddened by the turn of events in St. Joseph, and our thoughts go out to the victims and their families."


UPDATE:  11:21am

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - KNOE 8 News has received a statement from the Headmaster of Briarfield Academy in Lake Providence.  Fuaed Abdo Ahmed graduated from the school.

It states:

"All of Briarfield is deeply saddened by the tragedy that involved a former student.  I was very close to Fuaed.  He attended our school through elementary on.  He was an outstanding young man who was on the honor society, captain of the football team, and a few points from being salutorian.  He was a wonderful kid that we loved.  It is hard to believe he is capable of doing what he did early this morning."

The statement was made by Lance Prine who is the Headmaster at the school.

UPDATE:  10:42am

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - KNOE 8 News has confirmed that Fuaed Abdo Ahmed was a student at LSU.  

Louisiana State University has confirmed that Ahmed was a student through Spring of 2012.  

We had conflicting reports that he was a student at the ULM.

LSU confirms that he was not currently enrolled in the program.

UPDATE: Thursday 9:42am

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) KNOE 8 News has confirmed the names of the three hostages this morning involved at the Tensas State Bank standoff.  Multiple sources including our sister station KALB and family and friends of the victims have confirmed these names.

Jay Warbington was killed in last nights shooting.

LeDean Hopkins McDaniel is in critical condition at Rapides Parish Hospital in Alexandria.

Patricia White was the hostage that was released during the ordeal.

KNOE 8 News is currently working to find more information about the suspect who was killed.

UPDATE: Wednesday 5:30a

(KNOE 8 News) KNOE 8 News remains on the scene of the deadly bank hostage standoff in the Tensas Parish community of St. Joseph. In the past hour crews have removed a body from the bank, presumably that of shooter, 20-year-old Fuaed Ahmed. KNOE's April Dovorany reports Wednesday morning during Good Morning Arklamiss and will have an extended LIVE report at 6:20a.


KNOE 8 News has just confirmed one hostage from the Tensas State Bank's branch in St, Joseph is dead.

We're being told another hostage remains in the hospital in critical condition.

The gunman, Fuaed Ahmed, was shot and killed by state police early Wednesday morning. 


Our Mark Boyle is reporting new details behind the motive of the gunman, who was shot and killed by state police Wednesday morning. The suspect is being identified as Fuaed Abdo Ahmed, 20. We're being told Ahmed lived in St. Joseph. Investigators discovered the suspect had been planning a hostage situation for some time. Our Mark Boyle says he had books about hostage negotiations inside his home.  

Investigators are telling KNOE 8 News, there was never an intention of a bank robbery at the Tensas State Bank's branch in St. Joseph.

Early Wednesday morning, state police went inside the bank, according to investigators, in a flash bang approach. We're told that's when the gunman shot two of the hostages. Mark Boyle reports state police then killed Ahmed.

One victim is being treated at a hospital in Concordia Parish and another in Rapides Parish. Investigators say both are wounded in the upper body. They're listed in critical condition.

The names of the victims have not been released.

According to Facebook, Fuaed Ahmed is from Fresno, California. He attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Police said he's been in St.Joseph a short period of time. His parents are from Yemen, in the Middle East near the Saudi Arabia peninsula.  Police say Ahmed's father was killed several years ago in California. Police say Ahmed had voices in his head and even asked during negotiations to have the device in his head talking to him removed.

We'll have more details on Good Morning ArkLaMiss. 


Our Mark Boyle on the scene in Tensas Parish is reporting the gunman, holding hostages at a bank in Tensas Parish is dead. We're also hearing two hostages are clinging onto life after being injured by the gunman. Both hostages are in critical condition.

We'll have more as we get details.

UPDATE: (10:00p) KNOE's Mark Boyle talked with the suspect's family. They tell Mark they are shocked by what has happened and they are cooperating with police to bring a peaceful resolution to the standoff and hostage situation. KNOE has been asked not to report the name of the suspect and his family at this time, due to the nature of the negotiations. KNOE 8 News will have a crew on the scene through the overnight hours and will bring you LIVE updates when the situation changes or new developments are learned. Watch Good Morning Arklamiss starting at 5:00a for LIVE continuing coverage.

UPDATE: (9:00p) In a news conference carried LIVE on KNOE 8 News Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson announced that one of the three hostages held in the bank robbery hostage standoff has been released and is being questioned by police.

The hostages are two female bank employees and one man. One of the women was released, but she has not been named. Tensas Parish Sheriff Ricky Jones says the suspect was born in California and now lives in Tensas Parish. He is 20-years-old. His name has not been released.

Negotiators plan to continue to work to resolve the situation through the night. KNOE 8 News will stay on the scene until the standoff ends and have another LIVE report during KNOE 8 News at 10p.

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UPDATE: (8:45p) KNOE 8 News will carry a LIVE press briefing on the bank robbery hostage standoff at approximately 9p.

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UPDATE: 7:30p Authorities at the scene of the bank hostage stand-off tell KNOE 8 News they will hold a news conference at 9p to update where negotiations with the gunman stand. Officials have told our crew in St. Joseph they expect no major developments in the situation prior to that time. Police report the man arrested earlier was a family member of the suspect who was trying to get to the scene. 

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UPDATE: Our crew at the scene of the bank robbery tells us lights have been set up so that negotiations can continue into the night. The media have also been moved to a location further from the Tensas State Bank. KNOE's Mark Boyle has just arrived in St. Joseph and will report LIVE with the latest developments on KNOE 8 News at 10p.

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UPDATE: A news conference just wrapped up (6:00 P.M. Tuesday) where we were told police have talked with all three hostages that are being held inside the Tensas State Bank. They are said to be uninjured at this time. they are confirmed employees of the St. Joseph bank.

We have also learned the gunman who has not been identified is a local resident to Tensas Parish. The lead negotiator says they have communicated with the suspect and he has made demands. The nature of those demands has not been released. 

The police say there is no reason to believe at this time that the suspect has a bomb in his possession. The suspect is armed with an unknown type of weapon.

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UPDATE: Our crew on the scene of the bank robbery in the Tensas Parish community of St. Joseph tells us one person was seen in handcuffs around 4:30p Tuesday. However, it appears that suspect did not come from inside the bank under siege. It is believed that suspect tried to enter a restricted area and was taken into custody in the process.  No information on that person has been released. KNOE 8 News Nolan Crane reports negotiations continue with the armed gunman who is holding three people hostage inside the Tensas State Bank. We are told that a five mile radius around the scene has been restricted to air travel. A mobile command center has been set up at the site so negotiations can continue into the night hours.

Previous Report:

UPDATE: Our crew in Tensas Parish tells us a swat team and US Marshals are on the scene of the bank robbery in St. Joseph. Highway 128, also known as Plank Road, where the bank is located is blocked off at this time. State Police tell us they have been negotiating with the suspect held up inside the bank since 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. The gunman is holding three people, presumed employees, hostage inside the Tensas State Bank. The robbery happened shortly after noon.

Our Nolan Crane reports at least 100 police, sheriff, fire and state police vehicles and personnel are on the scene from around the region and state.

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UPDATE: KNOE 8 News has learned from Louisiana State Police that an armed gunman is holding three people hostage inside the Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph. An FBI negotiator is on the scene talking with the armed bank robber who is inside the building. It is believed the hostages are bank employees.

Previous Report:

TENSAS PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Louisiana State Police and Tensas Sheriff Deputies are reportedly on the scene of a suspected bank robbery in St. Joseph.

Callers tell KNOE 8 News there was a bank robbery at Tensas State Bank on Plank Road in St. Joseph. They say the alleged robber is still inside the bank and may have hostages.

One witness on the scene says police have the whole area blocked off and surrounded. KNOE 8 News has a crew headed to the scene and will have updates here at KNOE.COM and tonight on KNOE 8 News at 5p, 6p and 10p.

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