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Colorado church adopts Lake Providence

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LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Around 3,000 people live in Lake Providence and the town's mayor says almost half of them are in poverty. A church in Loveland, Colorado is coming to their rescue.

Robert Amacker has been the mayor of Lake Providence for more than three years and he admits the city needs repairs. He says his town is strapped for cash because of the economic status of a lot of his residents.

"We do have the highest unemployment rate in the state. We do have about 40 percent of our people living below the poverty line and the city its self is short on funds. We don't have the resources to do what actually needs doing," said Mayor Robert Amacker.

In 1994 Time magazine named lake providence as the poorest place in America. For people who have called lake providence home for all their lives that's a title they wish they didn't have. A pastor of a mega church in Loveland, Colorado has adopted the city and changes and improvements will be taking place.

"What I like about it, they're going to bring enough people so that you can make a difference in a neighborhood and I am hoping that they will help us clean and cut and renovate a neighborhood in town," said Mayor Amacker.

Don Boyett is a local preacher and his son-in-law is the one who has adopted the city and is spending thousands of dollars to turn a field into a splash park, and rebuild homes that have been neglected.

Pastor Jonathan Wiggins has also purchased seven acres of land where these trees are going to be cut down and a sanctuary will be built.

"The reason he is really wanting to help here is not because he married my daughter, but because here and through this church and through this city god did a wonderful thing in his life and he just wants to give back," said Don Boyett.

A timetable has not been set for when construction will begin but the mayor says miracles are taking place and prayers are being answered.

Resurrection Fellowship Church in Loveland, Colorado has already raised over $100,000 to help the people in Lake Providence.

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