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Return of Twinkies and hard times

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and donuts. The old Hostess favorites slowly making their way back onto our grocery store shelves.

Their demise was sudden last November when Hostess went bankrupt and put the brands up for sale.

For many Mondays return is sweet but not for former Hostess employee Jerard Toney.

 "You know we are not coming back tomorrow we are shutting down and when we came back at the end of the day it was hand in your keys it was nice working with you" says Toney.

 When Twinkies disappeared so did the jobs of deliverymen like Toney as well as jobs held by thousands of other Hostess employees.

Now the new Twinkies has fewer calories and the new Hostess is operating with fewer employees.

Seeing the brand back is a painful reminder for Toney who got the bad news just before the holidays.

 "I get the news that i lost my job. We lost everything we lost our benefits we lost my retirement the pay that we had we lost everything" says Toney.

 Toney says he's lucky to have found a new job but he says he's still waiting for the severance checks he was told he would receive when the old Hostess turned off its ovens.


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