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25 additional officers patrolling Monroe

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Monroe Police Department is trying to crack down on bad behavior this 4th of July.

Twenty-five officers at the Monroe Police Department that work in the evidence room and in cubicles moved away from their desk and are patrolling the streets. Officers hope the increase presence will keep drunk drivers off the roads and arrests have already been made.

"Due to the public's very good work of calling the police, working with us, letting us know about these hazards we were able to get a dangerous drunk off the street and nobody was hurt and that exactly what we are trying to do this weekend," said Mark Johnson.

In addition to keep roads and highways safe from drunk drivers the Monroe Police Department also want to keep parks safe. Just a couple of months ago shots were fired here in Monroe.

"Ninety percent of the hundreds of people who show up there are kids and families trying to enjoy a good weekend and these are good people. It's our job to try to protect them from that one or two percent who show up and don't act right, have too much to drink or whatever it is," said Johnson.

Bertha Bradley and her kids are just one of the families who are at Charles Johnson Park on Bernstein Drive in Monroe that officers want to protect. You might remember that shots were fired at this park on Mother's Day and the area was evacuated.

"I'm glad they are out patrolling and hopefully nothing bad will happen. We're out to celebrate and really enjoy the 4th of July," said Bertha Bradley.

Although there are more officers working today than normal, they want your help. If you notice a drunk driver or a person who is causing problems, give them a call.

On Friday the Monroe Police Department is going to be teaming up with the West Monroe Police Department at sobriety checkpoints starting at 8 PM.

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