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Swimming safety tips

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – This Fourth of July Weekend a lot of families are making plans to be outdoors. Pools and lakes are one of the most common destinations to help beat the heat while enjoying time together but there are some tips you should follow to stay safe.

Pools are a busy place this time of the year with kids having fun and cooling off, but not everything is fun and games. Members of Wildlife and Fisheries say the Fourth of July weekend is when the most boating accidents and drowning's occur.

"Alcohol plays a huge part in crashes involving vessels and drowning's," said Scott Jeansonne.

Even if you're sober, pools and lakes can be dangerous for other reasons.

"If they're going to be jumping in, make sure there are no rocks or logs or anything they can get hurt on. You don't want your whole holiday ruined because they jumped in and then you have to make a trip to the emergency room," said Bethany Mitchell.

Lifeguards that we spoke with at this pool say it's easy for parents to get distracted while they are barbecuing or playing around but they say it's important to keep a watchful eye on your kids, especially if they are young.

"Be smart, just be safe. Keep an eye on your kids. Be in the pool with them, it's a family holiday. You know your husbands on the grill; take turns jumping in the water. It's going to be a beautiful day," said Mitchell.

The Monroe Athletic Club has lifeguards to make sure the fun in the pool stays safe. If you are at the lake or in your backyard lifeguards will not be on duty so they encourage you to have flotation devices for the kids and constant supervision.

"We recommend that a responsible adult be by the poolside if not in the pool at all times watching the kids," said Bethany.

By paying attention and remembering simple rules lives can be saved and the Fourth of July can be enjoyed without making trips to the emergency room.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries will be out in full force on rivers and lakes. They say DWI's apply to boaters just like DWI's apply to drivers.

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