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Tackling hog overpopulation problems

Posted: Updated: June 18, 2013 06:09 PM

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Feral hogs are out of control nationally and the animals are flooding local national wild life refuges. It is fish and wildlife officers like Joe McGowan who are making efforts to reduce these damage causing pigs.

"Hogs are very smart so there is not one technique that you can use to control them we trap , we do aerial shooting and just incidental shooting as we are just riding around we will shoot them" says McGowan.

The department of fish and wildlife uses these tactics to reduce the over populated species because the hogs cause more than a million dollars in property damage every year.This ranges from crop and plant damage to things like spreading diseases that can effect humans such as Tuberculosis and Swine Influenza.Officials are taking to the sky using helicopters to get an aerial view and shoot the pigs.These efforts to control the herds have some people frustrated like hog enthusiast Billy Jones

"Plenty of people in union parish have dogs we will go get them but they say its disturbing their wildlife it sounds like to me they just like spending our tax money" says Jones.

Although hunters cannot bring dogs, McGowan and his team encourage the hunters to assist in their efforts to lower the population.

"We have had feral hog season for year I mean incidental take for year but the population keeps growing so we are allowing hunters to hunt them but it has been proven in other places that hunters do not control the population" says McGowan.

Although efforts like the chopper are costly, fish and wildlife officers insist they are the most effective and necessary to control the growing problem of these pesky pigs.

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