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Manic Monday shoulders workout for June 17

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Here's a look at the exercises that were shown Monday morning June 17th:


  • Holding the dumb bells, place your arms and hands up in a fighting position, only your palms are turned toward you.
  • Bring your arms straight up, twisting at the top, so that your hands/palms now face the other way
  • Return to starting position and repeat


  • Arms down, hands/palms facing you and holding the dumb bells in a horizontal position
  • Raise your arms up, coming at least to shoulder height
  • Pause at the top for a beat, and then return and repeat


  • Arms down, and hands at your side, holding the dumb bells horizontally
  • Come up in a T-position and then bring your hands up a little higher, at least to shoulder height
  • Pause, and then repeat


  • Using a STURDY chair or bench, sit with your palms face down, hands gripping the edge of the seat
  • Step out, so that your rear/trunk area are off the seat and over the floor
  • Move downward, bending only at the elbows and keeping your legs straightened and not moving them
  • Go up, and then repeat
  • If you're new to this exercise, you can bend your knees until you've adapted

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