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Manic Monday Biceps and Triceps workout for Monday, June 10th

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Easy-to-do-at-home biceps and triceps moves:


Standard Curl:

  • Hold dumb bells horizontally, keep your arms and elbows at your side.
  • Come up, pause at the top for effect, and then come back down.  Repeat.

Hammer Curl:

  • Same movement as standard curl, except you are holding the dumb bells at a vertical angle 


Triceps extension:

  • Use lighter weight than you did with the biceps exercises
  • Holding the dumb bells bring your arms straight up into the air over your head
  • Holding the dumb bells, bend your forearms backward, coming down to shoulder level. 
  • Try to keep your elbows tucked inward as best you can while you do this


  • You can use a piece of sturdy furniture to hold on to for a bent position, or you can go to the floor on all fours
  • Try to use the same or a lighter weight than you did with the triceps extensions
  • Keep your back arched and straight and your arm and elbow tucked in at your side
  • Begin with your forearm bent forward and go backward, "unbending" it as it extends backward.  Try to bring it back into a straight line--or as close to a straight line as you can manage.
  • Keep an eye on your form.  Make sure you back is not hunched, and your arms and elbows remain tucked at your sides.

Kurt Boyd
Certified Personal Trainer
(318) 267-4774

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