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Manic Monday Plank Challenge

Posted: Updated: May 27, 2013 02:01 PM

Give yourself one month to work your way up to a one-minute plank!


  1. Get down on floor in a "pushup position."
  2. Either put your palms down and hold yourself up, with hands positioned underneath your shoulders, or bend your arms at the elbows and hold yourself up there.
  3. Make sure your back is straight and your rear end isn't sticking up in the air.  Doing this in front of a mirror or having someone "coach" you helps.
  4. You can do it!

Hold the position.  Start with only ten seconds, if you haven't done this before.  Increase by five seconds each day.  You will feel a burn in your abdominal section.  That means you are working.  Keep it up, and try to work your way up to one minute by the time the next "Manic Monday" abs segment rolls around.

Questions?  Email me at  Advice is always free.

Kurt Boyd
Certified Personal Trainer
Private and also at North Elite Athletics
(318) 267-4774

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