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Residents blames LWC for her water leak

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Jeane Gonzales has lived in the same house for nearly 40 years, but now she is facing a major problem. A leak is coming from her home's water meter.

Jeane Gonzales and police juror member Pat Moore have gotten to know each other over the past 8 months. That's how long this leak from Gonzales's meter has had water running from it that forms puddles in front of her house.

"The leak is very bad. It is definitely the responsibility of LWC and they need to fix it. They own the water company the leak is coming from," said Jeane Gonzales.

Although we can see the damage the leak is causing, nobody wants to take responsibility to fix it.

"I think the best thing for LWC is to come. If it's got to be removed take on that responsibility, remove it and fix the problem," said Pat Moore.

"We did not pour the concrete and when LWC bought the water system the concrete was there," said Gonzales.

The leak in the pipe also causes a lot of problems when it comes to potential health concerns.

"Water backs up into the line, the whole subdivision, the water can be contaminated," said Gonzales.

"There is a leak, it's gotten worse, and it's creating other health issues," said Moore.

We spoke with LWC and they say they can't begin working on the water leak until other utility companies identify where their cords and pipes are located. They also want to wait until the water dries up which Gonzales says may never happen.

"The water will not dry up. It's on concrete and it's running continuously, it never stops," said Gonzales.

Gonzales says she's frustrated that it has taken so long and there's no solution in the near future.


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