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Reenactment: Civil War Reenactors

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JEFFERSON, Tx. (KNOE 8 News) - As a new recruit...first you get your basic training...this involves a lot of time spent learning how to carry, care for and fire your weapon.

Captain Adkins barks orders: "aim at the top of the (bang)." 

On breaks you can compare notes with your fellow soldiers.

David Dugosh:
"how'd you do loading your gun?  I forgot to cock it fully so I was like: dink...what happened."

Tyler Massey:
"that gun gets heavy after a minute.  all that wool and stuff is hot.  seeing the smiles on peoples faces, seeing what it means to them, makes it all worth it to me."

We're located near Jefferson, TX, so one fine sunny day we put on our best uniforms and parade through town.
The townspeople turn out to cheer as we march through the streets.  Suddenly a company of Yankees is upon us as we turn a corner.  This is the first action we've seen.  In formation we trade fire with the boys in blue.  Luckily, our casualties are few but a few of the enemy are not so lucky. As quickly as they fell upon us, they turn and retreat, leaving their injured behind.  Victory is ours.

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