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UPDATE on day two of the Gilmore trial

Posted: Updated: May 14, 2013 08:50 PM
Shreveport Federal Court Building Shreveport Federal Court Building
Arthur Gilmore Arthur Gilmore


SHREVEPORT, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The prosecutors key witness, Businessman Eddie Hakim describes his partnership with former Monroe City Councilman Arthur Gilmore, in Hakim's words Tuesday as, "something for something" or "pay for play".

The businessman is a key player in an FBI investigation that lasted for two years in 2008 and 2009, leading to Gilmore getting racketeering and bribery indictments.

Defense Attorney Charles Kincade went face to face with the witness.

Hakim took the stand and said he wanted to end political corruption in his city which led him to go to state police to tell them about the alleged corruption of Arthur Gilmore while he was serving as a city leader.

During cross examination of Hakim, Kincade was hoping to show the jury his client is innocent. Gilmore is accused of taking more than $1,400, he says, was meant for his campaign and two low income residents.

Hakim disagreed and said that money went into Gilmore's pocket for his pleasure. The businessman believes if he didn't do favors like that for Gilmore, he would not have been able to accomplish several rezoning projects on the city council. 

Gilmore was planning on buying a home in a proposed subdivision near ULM years ago. Hakim said on the stand, his asking price for Gilmore was in the six figure range. In his testimony, Hakim said Gilmore pressured him to take the price down to roughly $10,000 for the new home.


SHREVEPORT, La., (KNOE 8 News) - Ty Russell, who is in Shreveport covering the former Monroe City Councilman's trial, reports this afternoon that Eddie Hakim is still on the stand, but is now facing defense lawyers in cross examination.

Ty says it's not yet known who prosecutors plan to put on the stand next.

But in the meantime, Charles Kincade, Gilmore's attorney, has claimed that Hakim gave thousands to former sheriff Ouachita Parish Sheriff Royce Toney along with remodeling his office. Kincade says if that's the case, he doesn't see giving money to Gilmore as bribery.

Also Kincade says he doesn't see any evidence of bribery in the Video from meetings and audio from phone calls, given to jury by prosecutors as evidence.

Hakim has claimed there was always "something for something" when dealing with Gilmore.

But Kincade says in one meeting, cash was given as a campaign donation. The other two times, he says, yes Gilmore asked for money... But he gave the specific reasons why. In the video... Gilmore said the money was for a person struggling with their light bill. And another person was having issues with their rent.

Hakim said he felt pressured by Gilmore, especially before the two-year investigation began. He said Gilmore would get drunk and ask for money. He also was hoping to buy a piece of property near ULM for a new house "with a walk in closet". Hakim said that 28k square feet lot  along with the home was worth probably $175k. He says Gilmore only wanted to give him no more than $10k.

Hakim said if he never catered to the former councilman, he felt many of his proposed projects might not have been approved on the council.

He said councilmen should not be paid twice for their job. He says that's when he went to the FBI and said he wanted to "stop political corruption in his city".

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