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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Things moving on their own. Strange sounds in the night. Shadows lurking in the dark. What is it about the world of paranormal that frightens people so much? Perhaps it's what you can't see? Maybe what you can see.

Ghosts have long kept the living awake through the night. This paranormal investigation team known Louisiana Spirits are some of those people. Some may find their beliefs questionable but others invite them into their homes to answer questions.

"The majority of locations we go into, something strange is happening and there are people there who don't understand what's happening. They have a lot of questions. What we try to do is provide answers more than just hardcore data." Says Lead Investigator John Combs.

In order to demonstrate what these investigators do, we invited them into the studios of KNOE. The team uses a wide variety of equipment including night vision cameras, audio recorders, and instruments that measure disturbances in the electromagnetic field.

Here's what we did that night.

OK, time now about 11 o'clock. Everyone's gone from the newscast. It's just us here. We set up four infrared cameras that can see in the dark, so it's time for lights out. We pointed these cameras down one of the major hallways, in James A. Noe's old office, in an office area, and the studio. We also placed two other cameras in the warehouse, at the back of the building. With everything ready to go, we begin our investigation.

Time now about 11:11pm, we getting ready to start our first EVP session since everybody left, which is right here in the studio.

"E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon) is thought to be the voice of the surviving spirit attempting to communicate." Says Combs.

We didn't catch any EVP's in the studio but something did happen there, I see something that we can't fully explain and signal for everyone to come see.

The clicker, we use everyday for weather to change our graphics, is lighting up by itself. The strangest thing about that is the batteries in it are drained. Several of us tried to make it light up but none of us were able to do so.

From the studio, we break into groups. Two investigators move to the warehouse, one investigator stays in the studio, and I and another investigator move to the front of the building. It's here where the activity increases.

Right now, we are reacting to an unexplainable click. We try to find the source of the noise but couldn't come up with an answer.

As we continue to ask questions, we suddenly both hear a woman humming.

From there the activity decreases and we decide to wrap up the investigation. Once the team leaves, they start sifting through hours of audio and video, and hundreds of pictures to see if we caught something.

If you have anything strange going on in your home, here's a link to the Louisiana Spirits website:

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