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Three nights on a cold lonely roof, for the kids

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MONROE, La., (KNOE 8 News) - We love our children.  But let's face it.  Most of us would never spend three nights on a roof for them.  That's why local pastor Brad Jackson at the Assembly in West Monroe, is different.
"I didn't believe he'd do it," said Catherine Pharr.  "But when I saw him climb up here last night, I knew he was serious." 
Pharr and 46 other local high school students are hoping to attend a Fine Arts competition in Orlando, Florida.  The trip carries a hefty price tag of $500 per student, totaling over $30,000 in all.
So with that, Jackson went up on the roof, to raise awareness about what our students are doing and why a donation to the cause, is money well spent.
"Fine Arts changes lives," says Jade Modicue, who's a high school student hoping to make the trip.  "We minister to people and they can feel the love in Jesus."
During the upcoming competition, students from all over the country will sing, dance, speak and write.  Their talents are compared and judged.  But while there will be clear winners determined that weekend in Florida, these students say, just the chance to go, is what's important.
Each student we spoke with made it clear that each donation, no matter how big or small, is a show of support in the future generations.  One that some believe, is the downfall of our society.
These students stand tall to dispute that.
"Someone believes in the teenagers of this time and age," says Pharr.  "Most of the time everyone's talking about the how with the future everything's going down hill, we're going to be the horrible future for America."
"Honestly, it gives me hope because when other people abandoned us and they think that we can't do it, this man, Pastor Brad, there's no words to describe what he brings to the table," says Ashlea Muller.
Jackson's hoping to deliver $30,000 when all is said and done.  But his hope is that with a guitar, a sleeping bag, a tent, and a love for God and his congregations children, that these students will be afforded not only the opportunity to learn and grow from this trip, but further prove that this community is in good hands, in the years ahead.
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