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Teacher evaluation system being reconsidered

Posted: Updated: April 25, 2013 06:28 PM

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) -  "No other job in the world is based on the performance of children." Said Melanie Hurd, a teacher at Sally Humble Elementary School.

Hurd feels the pressure of the new teacher evaluation system. This bill states teachers will receive a grade based on how their students perform on tests.

"If the children perform really well, then I get a really great score. The next year the students don't perform as well, then my score drops and it shows that I'm an ineffective teacher, where I may not have been ineffective. They may have had a lot of growth over the year, just not as much as the previous one." Said Hurd.

Hurd says many variables go into a student's performance and this added pressure on them is unfair.

"I mean they throw up in the middle of a test or they're so stressed out that they're having to be on medication and that's not what education is about. We're trying to teach them to prepare them not to teach them for one moment." Said Hurd.

Sandie Lollie, the president of the Monroe Teacher's Federation, adds that the bill is costing education something it can not afford to lose.

"Because of what's introduced, we have a lot, a lot of teachers who are retiring. An extraordinary amount of teachers are saying I'm not going to be bothered with this, I'm getting out." Said Lollie.

Both Lollie and Hurd send a strong message to lawmakers as they consider this bill.

"Let the public, let the people that voted for you. Let us give you a grade. Let us tell you how well you're doing and let me base your salary on that and your livelihood." Said Hurd.

Hurd says she has just about had enough.

"I will stay around because my youngest is in seventh grade but as soon as he finishes, the plans are to definitely retire and to move onto a different career. So I definitely will when the time is right, when we can do that." Said Hurd.

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