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South Korean student and coach speak out about threats

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - According to CNN, North Korea is now saying that they are ready to attack South Korea without warning. This comes after weeks of threats by the North Korean government against its neighbors and the U.S.

Social media, television and the internet have been filled with stories of these threats from North Korea for weeks.

"Sometimes a lot of information can hurt other people," says Coach E. J. Ok.

Ok is an associate head coach of women's basketball at ULM, and says hearing about something too often makes people even more nervous. She and sophomore, Jae Shin, share the same nervousness about their families in South Korea.

"For the people outside, like me looking into Korea, I think I was more nervous than my parents were," says Shin, 20.

Shin says life hasn't changed for her family since the threats, and that they are still going to work as usual, but that doesn't mean Koreans aren't taking the threat seriously.

"They are telling me like what to do when it happens, like where the bank account information is and stuff like that," says Shin, "she told me what to do, and she told me that she loved me and I felt more uncomfortable."

While worrying about their families in South Korea, Shin and Coach Ok try to keep other things on their minds, but it seems too hard to get away from the reality.

"We practice everyday, lift everyday," says Shin, "but every time I talk to my dad or mom it keeps coming back."

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