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UPDATE: Police juror speaks out after arrest

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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Richland Parish Police Juror Ronnie Gilley is accused of hitting and shoving Parish Manager Joey Evans on Friday.

"I just deny that charge," Gilley said. "I mean anybody with common since knows a 67 year old man is not going to push a 40 something year old man that weighs over 200 pounds."

Gilley went face to face with deputies earlier on Monday, not on the behalf of the parish, he was arrested and charged with simple battery along with a $500 bond.
"If anybody should have pressed charges, it should've been me because he actually got in my face and I on two occasions made an attempt to go around him," Gilley said.

According to the arrest report, the Richland Parish leader is accused of simple battery that happened inside the Richland Parish Courthouse on the fourth floor.

"I overheard Mister Joey Evans via speaker phone, I heard him talking to a vendor very rudely," Gilley said.

That's when Gilley says he made an attempt to lighten the situation.

But the parish leader does have a rap sheet. Gilley was in trouble with the law several years ago after a fight with another police juror. He believes that incident still haunts him today.

"I got a story past, that could've been part of it," Gilley said.

The parish leader claims he's going head to head with Sheriff Lee Harrell after Gilley asked for an investigation of a parish department.

"I accused the sheriff of not doing his job over some alleged theft of parish property," the parish leader said.

Gilley says he will see his opponent in court later next month.

KNOE 8 News reached out to the parish manager, he says he will talk to us Tuesday.

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