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Rochelle Flooding Project

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - If you live in Monroe's Garden District, help may be on the way, if you have flooding issues.

The ditches are dry now, but with any amount of rain fall, they quickly fill up. Markus Bosley lives on Rochelle, he says, "if there is a light rain water just automatically some how finds this area."

Bosley has lived on this street for two years, and during that short time he has already seen his home flooded. He says, "if it's a bad rain, water would somehow try to back up in the house."

He's taken many steps to keep his home dry during the rain. He's moved pipes and keeps the ditches clean, but is hasn't been enough. He says, "we've spent almost $4,000 just to put a little blockage thing in, to prevent water from coming back into the house."

Mayor Mayo says there is good news for Bosley and others who live here. He says, "we're happy to say that we are included in this fiscal year for the state for the Rochelle Project."

The project will construct a six acre retention pond to reduce flooding. It's a $1.6 million project. The city will be required to match 10%, obtain all permits, right-of-ways, and finish final engineering.

Mayo says, "that is the only new project that was approved in the entire state, so that's huge to us as well."

Now Bosley and others say they'll just have to wait and see pond is put where it's needed most. Bosley says, "if they have it in the right place then we'll be doing fine. If they put it somewhere else it wouldn't work. This is the majority of the place where the flood is."

The city hopes to start construction by next summer.

The city has a second flood project on Georgia Street that was picked up by the state. The state has not said when funding for that project will be available. It's a $6 million project to build a new pump station. Mayor Mayo plans to visit Baton Rouge to explain why the pump is needed for the area.

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