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Pro-America rally held in Union Parish

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FARMERVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A group in Union Parish is hoping to spur nationwide pro-America rallies, and the kick-off event was held in Farmerville on Saturday.

Outside the Union Parish Courthouse, people came together to hear political and religious messages from March of America. The pro-gun, pro-Christian group says this is simply a way to stand up for what they believe in, not to bash another party or politician.

"I don't think any one can say that we are anti-Obama...we are pro-America," says Wess Bowen, "and they aren't mutually exclusive, you don't have to be one to be the other."

Bowen's family is one of the dozens that came to support the constitution.

"There's a large push to take away our rights to bear arms," says Bowen's cousin, Stan Elkins, "those are principals that America was founded on, and it's what my forefathers fought for and it's what I believe in."

Although hoping for a bigger turn out to their event, coordinators say no matter how many people showed up, they are just hoping their message was heard.

"If 25,000 showed up it'd be great, and if 5 only show up, as long as those 5 hear the message and understand what needs to happen," says Robert Lemoine.

"If more of us stand up to let our voices be heard, then Congress is going to have to hear us and do something about it," says Bowen.

March of America is hoping to bring together like minded groups across the nation in order to spread their message. Visit the March of America website for more information.

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