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Flood safety awareness week

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - 2011 brought historic flooding along the Mississippi River. The river rose to record breaking heights in several locations including Vicksburg and Natchez. Luckily, the National Weather Service says they don't expect that this year.

"I was just looking at some stage information on the Ouachita River at Monroe down to Columbia and also upstream towards Felsethol and actually the Ouachita River is looking great this time of the year." Said Meteorologist Mike Berry. (NWS-Shreveport)

The National Weather Service says flash floods claim the most lives because they can happen with little or no warning.

"More deaths are contributed to flash flooding than any other weather related phenomenon but it doesn't always get the same press that tornadoes and hurricanes get." Said Berry.

Luckily, in the arklamiss, we don't see flash flooding very often, more commonly we see river flooding.

It only takes six inches of moving water to knock a person off his feet? as for your car...just a little more.

"And it only takes 12-18 inches of flowing water to carry away a most vehicles and that includes your larger four wheel drive vehicles and your larger s.u.v.'s." Said Berry.

The last type of flooding comes from hurricanes. Inland flooding is something we see quite often in the arklamiss and the best way to protect yourself and property is preparedness.

"Preparedness...first of all knowing your risk in advance...is the best way of preparing for any type of flooding. Knowing where you are in relation to a flood plain." Said Berry.

Almost half of all flood related deaths happen in vehicles. So it's simple, "turn around. Don't drown."

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