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FaceBook Bullying

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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - As access to the Internet becomes easier so does cyber bullying. It's a growing problem across the country and right here in the ARKLAMISS. The web and social media sites like FaceBook are becoming another place where kids are being bullied.

One mom, whose child was bullied, says,"mom don't worry about it. You know I'm a momma, and you do worry about stuff like that."

Parents we interviewed, asked they not be shown. They fear retaliation against their own children. That's because a new FaceBook page is allowing teens to post gossip about their peers. All while remaining, un-named.

One mom says, "for one thing one page is created, then somebody says something about it and it stops. Well then they just start a new page."

The insults range from mild to downright crude. Another mom says, "my niece got a call saying my 20 year old son had been in a car wreck. It took us 45 minutes to find out if it was true." This mom finally got in touch with her son, who was perfectly okay. The rumor was made up on this website.

With cyber bullying the bully taunts behind closed doors making it harder for the police to get to the bottom of it.

Louisiana State Police Officer, Albert Paxton, says "if you say you're going to beat someone up and you put it on the Internet, or send it in a text message it could potentially be against the law."

Now parents are pleading with the people behind the FaceBook page to stop. One mom says, "please stop before somebody gets really hurt, somebody gets killed, or somebody kills themselves. It's not a good feeling what y'all are doing to people."

The state police are assisting the Rayville Sheriff's Office to find out who started the FaceBook page, and put an end to it. Paxton says it's important for parents to always be aware of what their children are doing online.

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