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It's My Business: Cloe Studios

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) - In this week's "It's My Business Special Report," one Ruston man has made a business out of wood. One piece of scrap wood, has united one man and woman for a lifetime.

It starts off as a simple piece of wood, but it turns into what many people think is fashionable jewelry, a wood ring.

Owner of Cloe Studios, Todd Cloe, says "a lot of students buy my rings, I'm pretty well plugged into Ruston with the students."

Cloe runs the wood shop at Louisiana Tech, and has always had a love for wood. Now he's started his own business Cloe Studios. He says, "I've always been one to do great things with my hands."

It all started with sculptures, then when Cloe met the love of his life, he also found a love to build something new.

Cloe says, "when I proposed to my wife she had told me that she was allergic to metal. So we thought just make a wooden wedding set, she proposed that actually."

Cloe agreed, and once people started noticing their rings he says it grew from there. He says, "a lot of people commented, and after a few years I just decided to make a whole bunch of rings, and start selling them."

So how are these rings made? Cloe says it's not too hard of a process, it starts by cutting out a tube from the wood.

He says, "now that I've got the tube I'm going to bevel it, so it's not as wide on the inside of your finger." Cloe says, "then I just go round over the edges really nice. I don't like the edges of the ring to be squared off."

The process isn't finished just yet, "then I've got to put a finish on it, and let that dry; and another coat and let that dry. So it takes a couple of days for one ring to get started and walk out the door."

Cloe doesn't make the rings one by one, "I'll do them on an assembly line process, and get about 20 to the next stage; and then take them all to the next stage."

Every ring has it's own look. Cloe says, "I love making them, cause every one is different. I can make the same style over and over, but the wood makes each one of them totally unique."

Cloe's love for wood didn't stop with just sculptures and rings. He decided to make benches out of wood. He says, "I thought I would make something a little more useable, and still try to put an art slant to it. So I started making these benches."

Cloe says he has accomplished some of his goals, but there is still a little ways to go. He says, "as far as making money I haven't reached that goal yet, but it's a slow go."

Cloe has been making these rings for almost 16 years, and says everyday he makes them bring him joy. He's also made his wife many wedding rings. Cloe rings start at fifteen dollars. He also makes the rings out of different plastics he finds.

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