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Local lawmakers react to State of the Union address

Local lawmakers react to State of the Union address

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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - President Obama heads to North Carolina Wednesday to begin pushing the plans he laid out in his state of the union address last night. The president called on congressional leaders from both parties to find compromise on economic issues, and for lawmakers to bring gun legislation to the floor for a vote.

After he gave his speech, local lawmakers gave their reactions.

Here is a statement from Louisiana Senator David Vitter:

"Well, on the positive side, I think President Obama focused on the right central theme – creating jobs. That's probably because we actually had negative economic growth last quarter with unemployment still around eight percent. But I think everything he's talking about is the same-old, same-old – more government programs and 'investment', code word for spending.  For instance, if you look at how he wants to avoid sequestration, it's more taxes and more spending.

"But there are a lot of very important things we can do that don't involve that – including producing great energy jobs right here in America.  If we just get the federal government out of the way and allow Americans to produce more American energy, those can be great high-paying jobs to really boost the economy"

Congressman Rodney Alexander also released this statement:

"Our country faces serious issues, and these issues require serious solutions—not another year of empty promises, same-old strategies and party blaming.

"Tonight's speech centered around America's sluggish economy, and with it ideas on how to get it moving at a faster rate. Proposals for investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy and education were heard among others. However, these promises were more of the same we've all heard before, and more of the same still largely unfulfilled.

"For quite some time, the policies that the president has advanced merely produced more reckless spending, an unshakable debt and further government intrusion. Perhaps even more unnerving is that we have done nothing to tackle our debt in the long term.

"In addition to budget resolutions, Republicans have passed two plans to replace the across-the-board cuts due to sequestration with common-sense solutions to get our spending problem in check. That is two, tangible plans which have passed a body of Congress. While the president's speech certainly offered good talking points, until he or the Senate have something on paper, the American people cannot take it seriously. Until then, the Commander in Chief's promises will go unfulfilled once more."

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