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IT'S MY BUSINESS: The Vintage Veranda

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RUSTON, LA. (KNOE 8 News) - Stop in at Ruston's "Vintage Veranda," and you'll never know what kind of stuff you'll find.

Do you need a wooden bird on a stick?

A wreath made out of burlap?

"I have a lot of metal animals," Owner Ann Jeselink said. "I keep the crawfish and the rooster. I've had armadillos and five-foot roosters. I love them."

How about an old-school pinball machine with all the bells and whistles?

Farmerville native Jeselink owns the Veranda but her shop is just at the front.

The Veranda is actually a store and a store and a store, inside a store.

"We got stuff in every nook and cranny," Jeselink said.

It's ten booths under one roof here at the Vintage Veranda, where in one place you'll find hand-carved wooden spoons and in another place you'll find pimiento red pepper jelly.

"We were trying to do something different, something that Ruston didn't have," said Jeselink, pointing out all the different items inside the Veranda.

"One girl is from Bernice. There's some from Farmerville, Arcadia."

"Dorothy Shraw, she's from Choudrant. She hand-carves all of these."

"A friend of mine from Downsville makes the jellies."

"This is a different lady and she crochets all of these hats for sale."

Jeselink said what separates her store is the combination of all of these artistic visions, but she has one specific ground rule for her items.

"I just ask that they not have anything that they would put in a garage sale," she said. "Interesting items but also something that somebody would really want."

Even after nearly a year in business, surrounded by metal pelicans, silver frogs and concrete rabbits, Jeselink said the surprises never stop.

"I really enjoy staying up here after it closes and rearranging and re-doing," she said. "Somebody may bring something in and I think 'Oh, they'll never sell that,' and that might be the first thing that somebody buys."

It's Ann's world of the antique and absurd and it's her business.

You can find her store in Ruston at 1317 Farmerville Highway. You can give them a call at (318) 265-3600.

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