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GSU Speaks Out About Saggy Pants Ban

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GRAMBLING,La. (KNOE8 News) - ''The Belt Line Crackdown" is stirring a lot of emotions from students in Grambling.

Thursday night the city council voted to fine anyone with saggy pants, and it's being greeted with mixed emotions on campus.

GSU Student, Antoaio Marsh, says "them saying your first offense you get a $150 ticket, that's kind of too much."

GSU Student, Reginald Mask, says "I think that the new ordinance is absolutely awesome. We need someone to come in and actually say don't sag."

The younger generation feels like this new ordinance is targeting them.

Marsh says, "it's just not like something that somebody is planning to do when they walk out of their house. It's something that just happens, its not something where I'm going to put on my clothes and make sure I sag."

This isn't anything new for the university. They updated their dress code back in 2009, to include a part against sagging.

GSU Vice President of Student Affairs, Stacey Duhon, says "we don't see it much on our campus. As freshman yes you will see students that will be saggy, but once they are junior, seniors or sophomores they don't sag as much as they use to."

That's why some college and student organizations have created incentives for those who dress up for school, GSU Motivational Mondays.

Mask says, "you take a picture on Istagram in you're professional dress, and the freshman with the most photographs will win a $100 gift card to Dillards."

Mask says the goal is to make dressing professional a trend.

He says, "so it's the next thing, it's the next sagging, or it's the next bell bottoms, or Airforce Ones it'll be a suit and tie."

The university also plans to post the ordinance around campus, and speak with students during classes so they understand its time to tighten the belt.

Other cities have passed similar ordnances are Farmerville, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Alexandria.

The Monroe City Council voted against an ordinance last summer.

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