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Carrying the cross: A man's mission from God

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A West Monroe man is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to spreading the love of his God here on earth.

Waylan Pearcy is carrying a cross to Newtown, Connecticut with a message of love to everyone as it makes its way there.

"December 17th I was riding down the road at work, doing my own thing and the Lord spoke to me," said Waylan.

Just days after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the tragedy was weighing heavy on his heart.

He wanted to do something for the broken community.

Waylan remembered he had an old cross he built in memorial of his mother after she died of cancer.

His mission soon became clear.

"Dust it off and take it to anyone led to pray over it and sign it. Then take it to Newtown in memory of the tragedy,"' Waylan said, of the idea that came to him.

And so he did. Hundreds of students from across the Arklamiss have put their special stamp on the cross.

"These kids, some of the stuff they write is amazing. You wouldn't think 4th graders think like that but some of the prayers they come up with blow mine out of the water," said Waylan.

A cross that already had significant meaning. Waylan carried the cross on his back from West Monroe to Monroe a few years back, in memory of his mother.

The cross will add on to its special journey in march.  It will travel from West Monroe to Newtown, a 1400 mile trek, with hopes of lifting the spirits of a broken community.

It's now covered in prayers.

Zach Cowin is an 8th grader at Claiborne Christian Elementary, one of the schools where Waylan brought the cross. He signed the cross with this special prayer, "Stay strong, Jesus loves you."

When asked why he wrote that, Cowin says it just came to him, as soon as Waylan started speaking.

An avid motorcyclist and a former alcoholic, Waylan is the first to admit this seems out of character for someone like him.

"But God gave it to me so I knew he already had it all planned. I'm a nobody but I follow a significant somebody who recruited 12 nobodys and they walked this earth and changed everything," said Waylan.

Change Waylan hopes to put in place himself this March.

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