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"It's My Business" - Pastry Moon

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) - In today's crowded and complicated era, it's hard for a small businesses to get its name out there.

A bar of soap may not mean much to some people, but it's how Bonni Ferguson's family is cleaning up.

Ferguson says, "in 2010 I was a student at Louisiana Tech and I was pregnant and I was like what am I going to do?"

That's when Ferguson turned to what she does best, "that's all I know make stuff, sell it, keep going."

So Ferguson started making something she was always interested in, homemade soap.

She says, "my mom invested a very tiny amount of money in me and I was able to slowly build a business and a brand."

The brand, "Pastry Moon Soap."

It's turned into a "family business," first her mom helped make it, now it's something Ferguson enjoys doing with her husband.

She says, "what he enjoys about making soap is calculating the numbers finding the chemicals you know and my part is the scent, and the aroma, color, and texture."

Ferguson started selling the soaps by driving from festival to festival, but once the word got out, they were able to open a small shop. The shop was only 120 square feet.

Ferguson says, "when I opened the small place I was like in 6 months, I'm moving next door, and I did."

Now Ferguson has a bigger store, that also features work from other up and coming artists in Ruston.

She says everything she has, she's worked for.

Ferguson says, "I've never had a loan, like I did it without any start up at all this is all stuff I've made, stuff that I've made from recycled materials."

So what is in this special soap?

Ferguson says she can't give all the secrets away, but she says it takes a day to make.

It takes one day to make 32 bars of soap; but for people who spend a lifetime dreaming about starting their own business like Ferguson, she says nothing is impossible.

Ferguson says, "in order to live a creative life you have to lose some sense of fear I mean if you are too afraid to start then you never will start you're dooming yourself from the beginning."

Ferguson says she isn't finished dreaming just yet, she wants to open an even bigger store.

A lot of Ferguson's customers have skin issues and need something that's natural.

Ferguson says at 5 dollars a bar, she still selling a lot of soap.

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