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Couple survives storm that destroyed their home

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WEST CARROLL PARISH, LA. (KNOE 8 News) - Clean-up is starting at 882 Calvert Road, the victim of Tuesday night's severe weather in West Carroll Parish.

Tornado or not, it smashed through the home, crashing power lines to the ground, sending walls into trees and scattering possessions as far as the eye can see.

Charlie and Louann Calvert are now homeless, able to recall every terrifying second at just before 10:00 p.m.

"I was sitting approximately right here," Charlie said, pointing to a pile of debris where his chair once sat. "This is the living room, it goes all the way across us and our TV was over here to the right."

Charlie said he was watching KNOE 8 News's severe weather coverage when the storm took a deadly turn.

"It was quiet beforehand," Louann said. "That's what made us start watching and listening."

Once they heard the terrible silence about to be accompanied by whatever blew through the house, they took shelter inside their bathroom.

"I literally had to drag him because he didn't think it was coming. He's real hard of hearing," Louann said.

"Just as soon as I got through the door, the storm hit," Charlie said.

"I always heard it sounded like a freight train but it just sounded like a real loud roar," said Louann.

"I was holding that door shut," said Charlie. "Wood and everything was flying past us."

"By the time we got halfway kneeled down, it was gone," Louann said. "It was just gone that fast."

"I said 'We don't have a roof on the house,'" Charlie said.

Debris trapped the Calverts in their bathroom, but they still had a cell phone.

"The fire department and the emergency medical people arrived," West Carroll Parish Sheriff, Jerry Philley, said. "They were able to free them."

Regardless of what hit them, surrounded by friends and neighbors rebuilding and promising shelter, the Calverts are thankful.

"I'm just thankful that neither of us were hurt," said Charlie. "You see, all this stuff you see here is my wife and I have been married nearly 50 years. Let it all be replaced."

Everyone from the sheriff to the Calverts believes this was a tornado but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Charlie told KNOE 8 News his insurance will cover the house.

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