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The smartphone-driving/texting discussion gets muddier

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MONROE, La., (KNOE 8 News) - Voice control may not increase safety after all. Voice operations on smartphone, which many thought would make it safer to use the phone while driving, may do just the opposite.

Lauralee Gunby, who is on the road a lot with her son, sometimes uses voice activated texting while behind the wheel, "I've been using it more and more often now just because I get lazy"

It seems logical that typing a text would distract a driver more than speaking one while keeping your eyes on the road. But a recent study by Virginia Tech found voice controlled text messaging "resulted in higher mental demand, more frequent and longer glances away from the roadway."

The reason may be why some people avoid using the voice activated technology.

Rhoni Golden, a Dallas resident, says, "You're still going to want to look down and see if it was right you're probably see something that was incorrect and re type it so you're probably going to spend more time"

Garland, TX., resident Keith Braxton remarked, "I think that's the problem. We're relying too much on technology nowadays rather than driving or doing anything else".

However, here in Louisiana, the question is academic. Here, it's worth remembering that texting while driving, whether by typing or by voice control, is illegal.

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