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Law enforcement hopes to delete "sexting" problem

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A Lincoln Parish man who doesn't want his identity revealed and who's going by "BOB" says his family's learning a lesson the hard way, when it comes to using a cell phone.

"I didn't even know it was a law against it, especially if you had your clothes on in a couple of pictures," "Bob" said

Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill three years ago making "sexting" illegal. According to the law, that's when a person under the age of 17, sends or receives lewd or suggestive photos or videos on a cell phone or computer.

"Bob" is working with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office after his 13-year-old daughter was taken to jail this week for sending three pictures. One photo, the teen used her arm to cover her breasts, according to "Bob".

"They should educate these kids on what you're doing with a cell phone," he said.

The sheriff's office isn't weighing in on this matter since all members involved are teens.

"Bob" says he also can't believe this tough penalty.

Lincoln Parish leaders are speaking out on this issue. Sheriff Mike Stone is telling us, parents are now needed to step up their action to try to prevent this issue from going on and it's not just a problem in Lincoln Parish.

"Any kind of picture you see with your children not clothed in some kind of form or fashion or posing in some way with no clothes on, whether it's upper or full body or whatever. Obviously, that's an issue," the sheriff said.

The crime carries a fine of up to $250 and no more than 10 days behind bars, for a first offence. 

There is a way to avoid jail time for the misdemeanor. A judge can suspend the sentence by making the offender perform two eight-hour days of community service.

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