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LDCC offers free workplace testing

Posted: Updated: Jan 22, 2013 03:50 PM

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Louisiana Delta Community College is offering free workplace testing to area employers.

It's being done through Tomorrow's Workforce Now, which is a national initiative from ACT, Inc. that provides free testing to thousands of employers and tens of thousands of individuals. Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC) is partnering with the Monroe Chamber of Commerce to provide this service locally.

Tomorrow's Workforce Now will assist thousands of employers across the nation in their efforts to identify and develop their talent supply chain: incumbent workers and applicants, according to Bob Hammack, Director of Workforce Development at Delta. Additionally, tens of thousands of individuals will be able to analyze, assess, and certify essential job skills that are required by the 21st century workplace.

"This gives us another important tool to assist Northeast Louisiana's businesses in finding and developing skilled workers," Hammack said.

Under the initiative, LDCC will administer ACT's National Career Readiness Certificate Plus to up to 20 employees or applicants of 20 area employers free of charge.

Tomorrow's Workforce Now will help communities build a skilled workforce and help employers secure a pipeline of talent for the future. The program, introduced by ACT, Inc., and supported by a growing coalition of community colleges across the nation, uses the evidence-based National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Plus to demonstrate the power of certified foundational skills in predicting job performance.

NCRC is a credential that measures skills critical to job success. Included in the assessment are technical skills such as math and the ability to locate information and "soft skills" such as dependability, communication, perseverance and enthusiasm.

There are a number of benefits to employers, including:

Employers can experience, at no cost, the tool that is helping businesses across the nation to reduce turnover, decrease employee errors and lower training costs. Focusing on NCRC skills delivers significant bottom line impact. The NCRC Plus takes the tool to a new level.

Businesses become part of a community group organized to address skills needed in the workplace. The group will include the community college and other key partners, facilitating the discussions between employers and trainers that need to happen in all communities.

Employers will see a cost-effective way to begin building a pipeline of talent for the future.

While employers get an assessment of their employees or applicants and individuals can earn the valuable NCRC Plus credential, ACT is hoping to cull key data about the gap between where American workers are in terms of workplace skills and where they need to be.

There is a tight deadline to become involved, Hammack said. Persons wishing to participate need to contact him no later than January 28. Hammack can be reached by calling 318-345-9286. 

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