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Animal Welfare Meeting: Citizens Speak Out

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Dozens of people gathered Thursday night to address one problem. The lack of an animal control officer in Monroe, and the ongoing problems that vicious, stray dogs are causing.

The last straw for many people was the recent killing of goats at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo.

There were people from Farmerville to Winnsboro in attendance at Thursday night's meeting.

Monroe City Councilman Ray Armstrong and others with the City of Monroe were there to hear what people had to say.

The thing everyone agreed on, they need to be the voice for the voiceless.

One concerned citizen, Anna Dunn, says "a lot of policies that need to be looked at, and that's one thing that we hope to do as far as better the lives of animals in this community."

The policy that seemed to be the biggest concern, Monroe's lack of an animal control officer.

Concerned Citizen, Ginger Padgett, says "we don't need somebody that's going to go out there like Anna said and throw and animal in the back of a truck, we need somebody that is educated and that truly cares about these animals."

The group says while they didn't find an exact answer to some of the problems, one thing they want to do is go to the Monroe City Council.

Padgett says, "to let people know hey we do care, there are people out there that care it's been brushed under the carpet for so long, and now is the time you know the only way to get an action is to create a reaction and get people moving."

The group is focusing on the City of Monroe now, but they plan to reach Northeast Louisiana.

Dunn says, "the goal is to inspire other areas around us to adopt new policies, and re-evaluate procedures that are possibly outdated."

Padgett says, "we just want to do the right thing and the right things is regardless if you're an animal lover or whatever your passion is these animals need a voice to speak for them."

Dunn says for anyone who doesn't think there is a problem, they just need to look a little bit deeper.

The group says this is the first of many meetings.

If you would want to learn when their meeting is go to their FaceBook page.

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