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Weather conditions in Ruston

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Throughout Ruston, icicles could be found hanging from mailboxes to signs and everything in between. The ice wasn't limited to the crystals, low temperatures combined with rain turned overpasses and bridges into slippery slopes.

Chief of Police Stephen Rogers says the icy weather conditions caused six car accidents, luckily no one was hurt. "We try to reiterate that when you have this type of weather, even when its just raining, you need to slow down and be more cautious," said Rogers.

The slick roads shut down the Everett Bridge, it leads into Louisiana Tech University, where classes were still in session for most of the day, forcing students to walk through the elements to get to class. "I had to get dropped off at the bridge because they couldn't cross it," said Tech sophomore Travon Henderson, and he has never seen weather like this in Ruston. "Last year I didn't see this, I'm from Texas and we don't really see this type of weather."

Other students, some more prepared with umbrellas, others not, braved the icy rain to get to class, not allowing the weather to disrupt their daily schedule. "It's really slippery cuz the ice is like caked on," said freshman student Emily Prestridge.

"I've been running to every single class I've had, I've nearly fallen a few times," added freshman student Mary Payne.

Ruston police say they have been lucky so far, but are still preparing for what may happen over the next few days.


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