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Alcohol ordinance passes

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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A crowd of concerned Rayville residents are not thrilled with the outcome of Monday's town aldermen decision.

"I was a child that was brought up in an alcoholic home and my father abused alcohol and died at the age of 40," Eddie Wren said.

Wren is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Rayville. Wren and his members are hoping the corks remain closed on Sundays. Some believe, if they don't, there may need to be more police patrolling the streets on weekends.

"If you look at the statistics of crime in our country, most crimes are alcohol and drug related," Wren said.

In a unanimous vote, the council is allowing businesses to start up bar tabs on Sundays. The rest of the parish continues to ban the sales on those days.

"One more promotion of alcohol in our community is unneeded," Wren said.

At least one other reverend in Rayville is giving this ordinance a thumbs up. He's one of the alderman. Alderman Timothy Tennant tells us why he's not opposed to some of the stores selling alcohol on Sundays.

"Sunday sales and the use of alcoholic beverages on Sundays is choice," Tennant said.

Alderman Timothy Tennant says he didn't make his decision based only on hoping the town with benefit financially. But there is a possibility, he says, businesses now may want to fill up some of the vacant buildings.

"There's a possibility we can get a company to come in and take that building and that may allow us to get 30 or 40 more jobs in our community," Tennant said.

As for Wren, he believes the council should repeal this new town law.

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