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Tallulah Residents Dig Through Belongings After Flood

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TALLULAH, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Clean-up is just beginning in flood soaked homes where many will spend this weekend digging through what is left of their belongings.

Water standing in backyards like this isn't an uncommon scene in Tallulah.

Resident, Linda Jones, says the water rose fast, "I was really surprised because I had just left home about 8:00 that morning, and it wasn't nearly up as high as it was when I returned back."

This has been home to Jones and her husband for almost 43 years and there are a lot of precious memories here.

Jones says, "curtains and clothes and stuff that I had around on the floor and different things was floating and were already in the water so I had to quickly remove all of that and shoes."

3 rooms and a bathroom took in water.

Jones has spent much of Friday cleaning her home, mopping up water and moving belongings to higher ground.

She says, "trying to get what I've got already destroyed get it cleaned up and get it out."

Jones says she knows more rain is on the way, and there is nothing really they can do until flooding goes down in the backyard, but they already have sandbags and they are ready to put them out if the water goes down.

She says, "my back yard still looks like a little river, it still looks like a river, like I said we're still not able to go back in the backyard we are just trying to wait until is goes down to see if we can go in the back and put sandbags down, because we weren't able to put sandbags down."

Jones says despite her home being flooded she wouldn't want to move anywhere else.

She says, "I wouldn't ask for another neighborhood, I mean I really love the neighborhood I'm in my neighbors we've all just been here for so long we've all been here so long so I thank God for my neighbors."

Jones is praying the next rain doesn't do more damage to their home.

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