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Town of Clayton floods from heavy rains

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CLAYTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) - More than seven inches of rain have fallen on the town of Clayton in Concordia Parish. The heavy rains have caused flooding in several homes.

"I'm like oh my gosh what's going on!?" Those were the first words that ran through Patricia Clark's head when she woke up in her Concordia Parish home Thursday morning.

"I stepped out of bed into a puddle of water," said Clark. Every room in Clark's home was filled with three inches of water and the heavy rains made her home look like an island in the middle of a lake. "I've been cleaning up ever since six o'clock this morning," and she isn't alone. Several other homes in the Town of Clayton also flooded, backing up sewage and trapping people in their homes. This debris shows how far the water came up over the road.

Once Mayor Rydell Turner heard of the problem he decided to take a more hands on approach to help those in need. "We just kind of came out, to see if we can assist people, get them out of their homes," said Turner. Town employee Kenneth Tucker carried a dozen children one by one, on his back across the shin-deep water to their school bus.

"We just kind of came out seeing if we could assist people and put them on the four wheelers and get them to their destinations." Turner hopes the flooding will help bring attention to the drainage problem in the town.

The mayor says he wants to get clarification from the police jury, whether the town can use parish road funds to maintain the ditches. "Once we can start our programs back, we won't have this type of problem," said Turner. "When they come and let us know exactly what we can do with that money, we'd like to implement the program again and get this town going back the right way and get our drainage system taken care of" he added.

Turner promised Clark he would take action to make sure this type of situation doesn't happen again. Clayton's annual audit questioned whether the parish road tax money should be used to clean drainage ditches.

That's when the town stopped maintaining them, which is why the mayor says the floods were so bad.


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