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3 Dogs Who Killed Zoo Goats Captured

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter received a call around 12:30 Thursday from the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, saying they had spotted 3 of the six dogs.

Then officers found one of the dogs outside an abandoned home, when they tranquillized him, he ran inside.

That's when officers located the other two dogs. 

We're learning the zoo animals aren't the only creatures these dogs may have attacked.

Believe it or not a goat like this one with blood on it's neck is said to be lucky.

Goat owner, Omar Elgour, says "about 4 or 5 pack of dogs surrounding one of the goats and killing him and when he came to look at what was going on the dogs stood up and tried to attack him, so he went back in his home, and called me."

Elgour has a pasture a few miles away from the zoo where he keeps his goats, sheep, and horse.

But now 39 sheep and goats that lived in this fenced in area have been killed.

He says the same dogs that attacked at the zoo are the likely culprits.

Elgour says it's a nightmare to see what these dogs can do, "sometimes they tear their stomach opened but usually the neck, they choke them and get the blood out of their neck."

He worried the dogs belong to neighbors and were getting out at night and killing other animals; but the director of the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter, Hack Tull, doesn't think that's the case.

Tull says, "these weren't probably dogs that were violent all of their life or that way but just through the condition being stray being homeless dogs they turned into predators."

Tull says you do have the right to protect yourself and your livestock.

He says, "if you feel your livestock is threatened or you feel like your children you have the right to defend your property your livestock and your children by whatever means."

Elgour says he wants to make everyone aware of how dangerous these dogs can be.

Tull wants to encourage people to keep a close eye on any stray dogs they see.

He says those in the parish can call the Ouachita Animal Shelter, but those in Monroe should call the police department.

The captured dogs have been euphemize.

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