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Mangham infant battles Respiratory Syncytial Virus

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Contracting the flu is a worry for many during the cold months, but some forget about other viruses that can easily spread.

Amanda Brooks spent New Year's Eve at the pediatrician's office with her 5 week old little girl, Anna Claire, who had a serious cough and was having trouble breathing.

"We brought her to the ER and they tested her again for the RSV, and it was negative again," says Brooks.

Overnight, Anna got worse, and on January 1, the test came back positive and she was diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a common virus in children under 2 years old, but one that can be life-threatening.

"It can be a very serious condition," says Dr. Craig Turner, "there's no cure, it is supportive care, and fortunately in most cases the supportive care will suffice."

Supportive care like breathing treatments and ventilators, necessary to keep little Anna breathing.

"The nurse was sitting there watching her and she just stopped breathing for 20-30 seconds, the nurse went over there and thumped her, and she started breathing again," says Brooks.

That's when doctors put the 5 week old on a breathing machine. Since then, Anna Claire continues to make progress.

"Everybody's been praying, I've had random people just call me I didn't even know to say they were praying for us, adding us to their prayer requests at church," Brooks says.

All of the phone calls, texts, and continued outpouring of support is helping the Brooks keep their positive outlook.

Doctor's say that little Anna, with lots of time and care, will make a full recovery.

To send your words of encouragement, visit the Prayer's for Little Ms. Anna Claire Facebook page.

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