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Censure motion fails, Neville Charter fails

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) -  The motion to censure Board Member Vickie Krutzer has failed. This all stems from a voicemail message containing a racial slur. Krutzer didn't utter the word and someone else did, some are still calling for an apology.

Several Monroe residents are not all smiles after the outcome of Tuesday night's vote at the school board meeting.

"Vickie, she had no remorse. She didn't give an apology after the whole situation. All they wanted was an apology from her," Ashante Ruth said.

Krutzer,while on the hot seat, re-affirmed to her fellow board members and to the audience of her intentions.

"I will continue to serve this district. But not just District 2. I swore an oath to be a board member of the entire district," Krutzer said.

When it comes to a motion to censure Krutzer, board members Verbon Muhammad, Rodney McFarland, and Glynn Ludley are in favor. But Krutzer, along with board members Mickey Traweek and Vickie Dayton believe in taking another route to address the situation. Board Member Clarence Sharp was absent.

"I cannot support this because of our legal situation," Dayton said.

Dovana Howard is the school worker who received the voicemail containing the slur. Tuesday night, Howard is speaking out to Krutzer for the first time in weeks.

"This is not about you. This is about the kids that you are to serve," Howard said.

Howard's mother, who tells us to only address her as Howard's mother, is also speaking out about the failed vote.
"I listened to the tape, it wasn't about someone else making the statement. It was about her agreeing," Howard's mother said.

Muhammad assured the crowd, school leaders will continue trying to address the issue behind the voice mail.

Also, the board is scheduled to go into a special session to decide on the final Redistricting Plan. For the public's purpose, the proposals are located at the school board office on Tower Drive.

Finally in the meeting, board members decided to give a thumbs down to the Neville Charter. It was a 3 to 3 vote and a tied vote leans toward a failure in a motion.

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