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Gun Laws Tough Enough?

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Connecticut school shootings, have once again sparked the controversial debate over whether gun laws are strict enough.

Michael Herring says his family was going to buy a riffle to use at a shooting range, but now they've decided on something for protection.

Herring says,"after the shooting we kind of switched gears and said lets go ahead and get a hand gun teach the girls gun safety with a pistol first."

But, are gun laws tough enough?

That's the question on many minds after the tragedy in Connecticut.

Herring says, "just the ability to have it not necessarily to hurt anyone but to at least ward them off or scare them off in need be so we aren't looking for a high caliber or high powered hand gun just a small 22 that my wife and my girls can shoot as well."

TP Outdoors, Greg Bimle says they haven't seen an increase in gun sales since Friday's shooting but they have seen an increase over the past year in conceal and carry permit classes.

Bimle says, "it is important to research what you want to do and make sure that you're able to operate that gun safely, take you're time."

Even if you have a conceal and carry permit there are still some places that are prohibited in the state of Louisiana, like here at a church.

Other places prohibited include schools, law enforcement buildings, detention facilities, and a courthouse or courtroom.

In November, voters passed legislation that reaffirms the right to bear arms in Louisiana.

State Representative, Jay Morris says, "it's illegal to have a firearm in a school in Louisiana at this very moment, however whenever there is a law that appears or reports to interfere with the right to keep and bear arms, the amendment simply reaffirms that there has to be a compelling state interest."

Morris says this amendment makes sure people the herrings have the right to bear arms.

For information about conceal and carry permits and classes on shooting safety click here.

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