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After The Homecoming: Part 4 - James Bartley's Story

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Our troops continue to withdraw from Afghanistan, but for many men and women the war continues once they are home.

The transition to civilian life isn't easy, it often leads to relationship and job struggles, even post traumatic stress.

Jack Bartley is a father of three and a student at Delta Community College.

Bartley says, "I focus mainly on me and my family and that's it."

That's how Bartley is getting through the transition from solider to civilian.

He served in the US Army for eight years, and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bartley says, "I've seen everything from individuals dying from my own people to the enemy, as a function with that I had a lot of angry issues when I got out, I had to learn to look back and realize that they were targets, it was not my fault."

That's one of the hardest adjustments Bartley faced, realizing to let go.

He says, "this was my time for a second chance this was my time to better myself a chance god given me to progress in life rather than sit there and dwell on the things in the past."

Bartley suffered from post traumatic stress disorder once he returned, and it affected his relationships with the ones he loved.

He says, "I felt like I was always being attacked it didn't matter what you did I had no control I was so use to be given orders or getting orders, I was so use to doing various things within a military lifestyle."

Bartley says anytime he was alone, he would always remember the cries from those overseas.

"Why, why, and you're forced to do what you have to do."

Bartley says he finally learned to let go and is finishing up his 1st year of college, and hopes to open his own nursing home.

He says, "once I go to the University of Louisiana Monroe, I'm going into health studies marketing and management."

Bartley says one valuable piece of advice he learned, was to let go, and realize this is a second chance.

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