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"Black Friday" shoppers talk about scuffles

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MONROE, LA. (KNOE 8 News) - It might sound crazy, lashing out for a quick deal.

"We were really scared because you've heard of people getting ran over," Monroe shopper, Virginia Mercer, said.

But as the early morning hours of "Black Friday" marched on, more and more shoppers brought their horror stories to our cameras.

"Small riot breaking out. People being anxious and edgy about the T.V.s and a pregnant lady ended up getting hit in the face and one of the managers got hit," said Monroe shopper, Jamonte Bailey. "There was blood."

"It was bananas," Monroe shopper, Rodney Bell, said. "I ain't seen nothing like it. I had to just stay away, let them go on and do what they got to do. I just played the backfield."

But none of that blood showed up at the Monroe Kohl's store because for many of these shoppers, this wasn't their first stop.

In fact, for some it was stop #20.

"We've been out here since 8:00 last night and it's four in the morning," Bailey said.

So they carried their stories of battle with them from other stores.

"We went to Belk and there was, like, boots and shoes everywhere and so it looked like a scuffle had gone on," said Mercer.

The Kohl's store manager said they saw the same massive crowds.

"We had over 1,000 people waiting outside the store to get into the store at 12 (midnight) when we opened the doors so it was a nice stampede," Monroe Kohl's Store Manager, Duke Quinn, said.

But the store prided itself on keeping all of its shoppers safe.

"We've had several police cars to come through several times within each hour so that was a great thing," Quinn said.

The deals at Kohl's would go on from the early morning on Friday to the afternoon so shoppers, tired from the field of battle, spread their warnings to others.

"It's not that serious," Monroe shopper, Donald Gibson, said. "You can go online. There are other alternatives other than trying to hit someone or push somebody over."

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