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Made in the ArkLaMiss: A caddy for all your archery needs

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WEST MONROE, LA. (KNOE 8 News) - Tucked away in his own corner of the West Monroe woods, bow hunter Gordon Smith knows what can happen when you set your equipment down.

"You tend to get dirt in the cams and the reels," Smith said. "If you pull back like this and that string decides to pop, I got this bow set at 60 pounds, 60 pounds of string coming unwound in your face all at one time."

Its a whiplash that stung Smith years ago, so he wanted to invent a way to never lay his bow down again and in 2009, he invented the "BowShooters Station," a powdered-metal caddy that can carry a lot.

"One or two bows at the same time, 12 arrows on either side and I'm holding your drink," said Smith. "Pick it up by the handle here on the top, walk out in the backyard, shoot all you want."

Smith says it can also hold a bow in 21 different positions, can be mounted on a boat for bow fishing and comes in black and pink.

This is Smith's third version of the station but it only went on the market two months ago as Smith took to Facebook to sell his invention.

Once the "BowShooters Station" hit Facebook, it went well beyond the Bayou State.

It went worldwide in three-and-a-half weeks and has now made in appearance in 23 countries.

"Australia, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Egypt," Smith recounted.

Here at home, Smith says it still sells like hot cakes.

"Normally, when I turn in an order, I get 250 or so at a time," he said.

A quick online search turned up positive feedback for the station on several archery and hunting forums.

But this West Monroe hunter says he's just humbled by its popularity.

"I'd like to see it climb even more," Smith said.

The "BowShooters Station" could be a bow hunter's new best friend and it's made in the ArkLaMiss.

The station is being sold for $79.

If you're interested in the invention, you can find the link to the site to buy it at

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