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A debate on deity

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - An audience filled with believers in a higher power and those who don't agree are listening closely to a debate at First West Baptist Church of West Monroe.

The Director of the Center for Christian Worldview, Alex McFarland says without a doubt, there is a god.

"For those who are kind of in the middle, who are on the fence, they see that yes there is evidence, there are compelling lines of compelling evidence, pointing to God, the bible and Jesus Christ," McFarland said.

Going against that argument is, David Silverman, he's the President of American Atheists. Silverman believes the proof turns up empty when it comes to a god existing.

"There is no evidence, no logical reasons to believe in any gods.and that the Christian god specifically, is inconsistent with our current world," Silverman said.

The two hour debate, mixed with several light applause's for both sides, carried questions not only from moderators but the audience as well. Both men believe their main goal is to get those listeners to put their minds to the test.

"Bringing to town something like this, brings a lot of evidence, a lot of information, and causes people to think," McFarland said.

"Christians and atheists can actually get along pretty well. We agree much more than we disagree," Silverman said.

Church leaders have put on debates like this one before. The most previous one questioned the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As for the winner of the debate, church leaders decided to not crown a person with the title. Instead, just sending everyone home to think about what was said during the debate.

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