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New Executive Director of Southside Development District

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The City of Monroe is taking more steps to move the Southside forward.

Today they named the first Executive Director of Southside Development District, Gregg Smith.

Smith is also the Executive Director of "Keep Monroe Beautiful."

Mayo says, "this is just another enhancement that will help support the Southside efforts."

Mayo says helping the Southside is important to have balanced growth within the City of Monroe.

Smith says he has high visions for the Southside, "make it work as it once did and make it just as viable as any other part of the city of Monroe and by doing so we're going to make Monroe better and the region better."

He says one of his first goals is to make the Southside look as good has it can.

He says to do that we need to have clean-ups, put in sidewalks, and create more lighting; which will also make the Southside safer.

Smith also wants to bring more business into the area.

He says, "we have buildings and land and we want people to utilize that land for economic development, or whether it be housing developments, because housing is still needed because we have people that you want to have a high quality of life, and that attracts businesses."

Mayo and Smith are both excited about continuing to help the Southside, but they stress the importance of you the resident getting involved.

Mayo says, "come and join us and be apart of the effort to improve South Monroe."

Smith says, "as long as they get involved it's going to work out better but if you just set around and talk about it it's not really going to happen."

Smith will also continue to serve as Executive Director of "Keep Monroe Beautiful."

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