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Homemade jewelry and foods are "Found on 15"

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BASKIN, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Louisiana Main Street project, "Found on 15," has another successful year.

In Franklin Parish from Baskin to Wisner, hundreds of vendor tents line Highway 15 on the first full weekend each November.

Meavline Jackson has been setting up her booth for about five years and says, "We do cracklins, we do boiled peanuts, and satsumas, Louisiana oranges..."

This year Jackson invited her friend and local author, Reggie Anne Wyatt, to set up shop as well. Wyatt wasn't selling her books along the roadway, but she is selling some of her old clothes and accessories.

"Frankly, for me to help clear out a storage unit that I've got, since I've got three, I've got too many is great," says Wyatt, "and my daughter does craft jewelry and she brought some of her jewelry to sell."

Other vendors along Highway 15 are selling everything from funnel cakes to old lawn mowers.

Wyatt says a street-side venue doesn't just help her sell old things, but get information for her new book. She has written several books about Jesse James, and says traveling the state is great for story ideas.

"I really tried to capture some of the history of Louisiana, and you'd be surprised how many people come to these things have a little bit of history to share."

The goal of "Found on 15" is to encourage road trips between main street communities in Louisiana.

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