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Richland and Franklin Parishes learn about water quality

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RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - As part of the Drinking Water Protection Program the Department of Environmental Quality is taking on the responsibility of teaching our state about water, parish by parish.

Geologist Jesse Means of the DEQ says, "We've located all the water wells and all the surface water intakes for every public water system in the entire state, then we looked around them for anything that could possibly contaminate them."

The DEQ ranked each parish then started educating residents on how to protect water. The demonstration is basic and teaches the importance of protecting water at the source. It calls out those that may be contaminating water and not even know it.

"They learn where their water comes from, why it's important to protect it and how they can protect it," says Means.

Many complain about the water in their home, but are they taking the necessary steps to keep it clean? Proper disposal of household cleaners and used oil, and even washing your car with a certain kind of soap, are all easy ways to start protecting the water.

River water was even "contaminated" in a tank to show people how it can affect the parishes' water supplies.

"From it we hope to get a group of volunteers here locally to help protect the water sources," says Means.

The DEQ hopes this will be an eye-opener to and get people to change some dirty habits they may have.

For more information, visit the DEQ website at

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