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Parents: neighborhoods are too spooky

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Hundreds are shifting to family-filled Halloween events, keeping them out of the neighborhoods. Especially away from the homes with people who have committed crimes against children.

Many turned out to the parking lot of ULM's Brown Stadium Tuesday night.

"We've had lines all night long," Laura Knotts said.

The college group "Up Til Dawn" are responsible for that Trunk-Or-Treat. That's where people park cars and hand out candy from the back of their vehicles. It's a different way for the little ones to satisfy that sweet tooth.

"I don't really care for the door-knocking because that's kind of, maybe old," Michele Bowie said.

That old school tradition hasn't been tossed out by everyone. There were a dozens of cars along Monroe's Deborah Drive, that shows many families are not closed to the option of trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods. But that scene still didn't turn heads for some.

"Unfortunately there's a lot of meanness in this world and we don't know where they are until it's too late," Helen "Smokey" Warren said.

That's why families are choosing a safer route for getting candy.

"I'm actually from Tennessee and when I was there, we all went door to door. I noticed it's a lot more prevalent here in Monroe to do a safe trick or treating environment," Knotts said.

And with dozens of sex offenders living within the city limits, parents say they're just aiming to protect their loved ones.

"With so many bad things happen during Halloween, so this is a safer environment," Bowie said.

For the families that wish to continue trick or treating in the neighborhoods, deputies say be sure you check out the number of registered sex offenders in your area before hitting the streets next year.

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