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UPDATE on Minden explosion

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Minden blast site, aerial photo courtesy KSLA Minden blast site, aerial photo courtesy KSLA

MINDEN, La., (KNOE 8 News) - There's more information on that explosion in Minden that had authorities across the northern tier of Louisiana Parishes answering phones for hours earlier this week.

It appears now that the blast site actually consists of two areas and possibly two separate explosions, one possibly setting off the other and causing a secondary blast.

The underground bunker containing explosives is what originaly blew up first. The Parish Sheriff says that the bunker worked exactly as it was designed to do, with the blast being directed upward rather than outward.

Some other information has come to light in the wake of the blast(s). Trees around the area were flattened, another indication how strong the blast was, and train cars were actually derailed from a nearby train-track, so much so that it appears the entire train may be derailed.

Surprisingly, it appears the explosion showed up on radar. The radar image showed the plume from the explosion rising to nearly 7,000 feet and then moving northwest at about 10 miles per hour and slowly dissipating.

Also, Louisiana State Police have confirmed that there is the possibility of a violation in connection with the explosion and that enforcement action is pending. The area remains sealed off as an explosives expert conducts an investigation into the incident. 

Reports of the blast being felt or at least heard came in from across Northern Louisiana and even into parts of East Texas.

Col. Ronnie Stuckey at Camp Minden says the bunker contained ordnance materials used by the military, but he declined to elaborate further, adding that the area will likely stay sealed off for weeks until they can get prices for a vendor to come in and clean up the damage.

Original story:

Loud boom and light flashes in the sky cause a stir in North Louisiana overnight.

Authorities across the northern tier of parishes were scrambling as a number of calls came in reporting everything from flashes in the sky to a loud boom that "shook the ground and rattled windows."

It would appear that the mystery has now been solved.

According to Webster Parish Chief Igo, it was a bunker that blew up at Camp Minden. There were no injuries. The bunker belonged to EXPLO.

He said the bunker did exactly what it was supposed to do. Blow up, instead of out.

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