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Damaged roads in Delhi frustrate neighbors

Posted: Updated: Oct 9, 2012 06:40 PM

DELHI, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Oil and gas company "Denbury Resources" is paying Richland parish for roads they've torn up but many of the roads haven't been fixed and many people in Delhi are fed up with the conditions.

For 16 years, Johnny Smith has lived in his Delhi home. Tending to his garden, he enjoys a quiet retirement with his wife, but lately something has been bothering him. "If you go down the road, it's fine in places until you get to the gravel then its rough" said Smith.

Gravel on Ferguson Road covers up areas where oil and gas company Denbury Resources tore up the road and it's the not the only one, there are several like it in Delhi. "It jars your car all over and if it rains you are going to go through and its going to get money. Then you have to wash it and that costs money" said Smith.

The company has given the parish money to fix the roads, but repairs have been slow and few.
Smith says his police juror Jesse Washington is very vocal about the issue. "His suggestion was since Denbury already paid the money and they are not fixing the roads, send it back to Denbury. Which would be the proper thing to do" said Smith.

Parish president Joey Evans says the police jury is considering contracting out the work to speed up the repairs. But first they want to find out the cost by advertising for contractor bids. Smith says he doesn't care who does the work, he just wants the job done. "If they can put it back like it were when I came here, I'll be happy."

Denbury has been giving the parish money since the beginning of the year. Evans could not give an exact dollar amount that they've received so far.

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